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Ceramic Coating
San Diego

Formula Finish Tech
since 1980
✔ Authorized Formula USA installer
✔ 20+ year warranty with every coating
✔ Packages for every budget
Ceramic Coating
Protect your paint with a product that provides water repellant properties for easy wash, longevity, and comfort driving. Expert Installation.
Teflon Coating
Vehicle protection that goes far beyond waxes, films, and sealants. Teflon provides 20+ years of protection for the paint preserving its condition.
Interior Protection
Experience quality, comfort, and style while driving with total interior protection for any surface inside your vehicle. Certified Installers.
Ceramic Coating Quote
Whether you are looking for a 5,7,10, or a 20 year warranty protection, we will advice you on the best way to protect your vehicle. 
We provide Ceramic Coating, Teflon, PPF, and interior protection services.



Ultimate Vehicle Protection

Get your vehicle protected starting at $650.



Formula Ceramic Coating
1-2 days 

Ceramic coating is a hydrophobic solution applied to the vehicle's exterior & interior for ultimate vehicle protection. Not only does it protect the vehicle from debris, dust, and pollutants, it also makes washing your vehicle a lot easier! We have a specific ceramic coating formula for every surface and type of material in San Diego. These include your vehicle’s paint, carbon fiber trim, metal trim, exterior plastics and rubbers, interior vinyl, leather and textiles. These semi-permanent protective coatings can be applied to ceramic coating vehicle paint, vinyl wraps, paint protection film, and even interior fabrics in San Diego.


We have three ceramic coating tiers: 

  • Standard - 5 year guarantee 

  • Plus - 7 year guarantee 

  • Premium - 9 year guarantee

Formula Teflon Protection
1-2 days

This is the longest lasting protection coating on the market today! Formula Teflon Protection is a paint sealant that locks micro-particles of UV screening into the pores of the paint. This Teflon paint sealant defends against weather induced fading, loss of gloss, and oxidation. Once applied, the sealant requires no reapplication or waxing. Formula Protection comes with a minimum seven year warranty.

Why Ceramic Coating?

Do you remember how your vehicle looked in the showroom? Prevent time and weather conditions from taking their toll. Ceramic Coating is the perfect way to protect your vehicle. Our products are specifically designed to endure San Diego's weather conditions. All our coatings are weather proof and are designed to endure all weather conditions. Its hydrophobic properties prevents dirt from sticking to the vehicle and turns a car wash into a simple rinse. At Formula Finish Tech San Diego, we have accomplished 5000+ projects in the past 40 years. 

Protection from UV Ray

The skin of your car is as sensitive as yours. It also needs protection from the devastating UV rays of the sun. Ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution.

Safety from Chemical Stains

With the rising air pollution rate, chemicals are increasing in the air. Shield your car with Ceramic coating in San Diego. Once your car is shielded with ceramic coating, most chemicals cannot harm it anyway.


Ease of Cleaning

Ceramic coating allows you a freedom of cleaning. With its hydrophobic properties, regular cleaning is as simple as a water rinse. 


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